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Originally, I started Virtue Ethics Digest as a tumblr blog, intended mainly to provide my Ethics students some grist for their intellectual mill -- the idea was that when I came across current event stories, opinion pieces, advice columns. . . anything of the moment, I'd link to it, excerpt from it, and then write about any aspects or connections that might be illuminated by the approach of Virtue Ethics.

I continued on that way for about a semester, but eventually became dissatisfied with two elements of the blog. 

First, I realized that I wanted to write about a broader range of topics than what scanning through the web at any given time would provide me.  Interesting things were going on in my classes, and I wanted to think about and explore them in writing.  I also desired to use the blog as a platform for popularizing aspects of Virtue Ethics -- ideas, distinctions, thinkers, passages, even whole texts -- that could prove useful for my audience (by now no longer just my students), but which they might not otherwise be exposed to. 

Second,  I found myself less and less happy with the capabilities of the tumblr format. Just for an example, design was cumbersome -- I couldn't build in the kinds of features I'd started to see as useful, desirable, even necessary for the kind of integrated site into which Virtue Ethics Digest was developing -- at least in my conception of it. 

I began to envision developing this blog into something more than simply a blog about Virtue Ethics -- I wanted to build a sort of resource center for those teaching, learning, applying this sort of traditional approach to moral matters and to life.  Virtue Ethics Digest, I thought, had the potential to become a central node in a coalescing network bringing together sites, writings, videos, course materials -- some of them already out there on the web, some of them yet to be developed.  That's the idea now.

Obviously these sorts of projects require devotion of time and energy, not to mention some experimentation, some trial and error, followed by reflection, and then further incorporation and new improvements.  So, Virtue Ethics Digest is going to be very much a work in progress in certain parts and portions of the site.

I'll continue writing regular blog entries, but I'll be rolling out (as they say) a number of new features as I'm able to fully develop them.  The first of these -- a page containing some of my YouTube videos pertaining to Virtue Ethics -- is already in place, though I will be adding to it as time goes on and more videos become available.  The next order of business is to simply put together a good blogroll of other sites which regularly discuss or mention Virtue Ethics, its key ideas, or its classical or contemporary representatives.

In the coming months, you can expect to see
  • a General Information page discussing in broad strokes what Virtue Ethics is, as a family of moral theories and practices
  • a Teaching Resources page providing material developed for my classes
  • a second, more general Resources page with annotated links to other good resources available on the web
  • a Sources page, with links to classic and contemporary sources for Virtue Ethics moral theory
  • a List page of discussions about Virtues and Vices, and passages from the thinkers who analyze and describe them.
If you can think of other features I ought to consider adding, please suggest them to me by email -- greg@reasonio.com.

-- Gregory B. Sadler

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